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How to Market in a Digital Age

Jennifer Langen - February 5, 2020 - 0 comments

The rules have changed. The previous generation pushed out awareness through tangible experiences to keep consumers engaged. Now a days, things are different. These old ways are still present, yet there are new players that have come into the marketing world that we all need to be aware of. This is the new digital world. Hello Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google and Twitter. In this digital age, marketers must change their focus from grabbing attention, to holding attention. This can be done by focusing on three things: sales, awareness, and advocacy. These three elements give an accurate snapshot of a brand’s health and how to improve it. Forming a digital strategy is an analytical process, not a conceptual one. Gone are the days where you are trying to understand the “consumer mindset” or the “brand essence.” While both are worthy activities for developing executional concepts, they have no place in a discussion of business strategy. The focal points that deserve attention are where you’re winning, where you’re losing, and where you have an opportunity to improve your competitive position. Use these points to determine where to go from there and evaluate along the way. This plethora of data we are left with can be overwhelming, but when used correctly it can shape you into the perfect candidate to be ahead of the game. How are you using digital marketing to get ahead? 

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