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Tamara Malhis

It’s a pleasure meeting you. So glad you’ve landed here at VOUS! My name is Tamara, and I’m the Managing Director of Events. If you really want to know, I pride myself in having a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from The American University in Dubai, a Graduate Degree in Luxury Brand Management From ESMOD, as well as a Culinary Management degree from George Brown College in Toronto.

Having the opportunity to work with top chefs in the industry at Bulgari Hotel in Dubai, exposed me to understand, and experience a culinary world, beyond limits. Being immersed in the fashion industry, be it alongside a notable designer, or studying it exposed me to comprehend the essence of the details, and the beauty in branding, and innovation. My intro to the digital world appeared when I had the ability to work with top creatives in the world of advertising, which sparked my love for creativity, and evidently lead me to the event world.

I’m inspired by all things comic, beautiful, and magical. I believe creating events, is creating memories. And creating beautiful food, is just creating human happiness.